Organisation development

If your organisation is dealing with change, reorganisation or passive behaviour of employees, Work Navigator offers a solution. Work Navigator stands for continuous development and intrinsic motivation. Every change development is a chance to get the best out of your people.

The application of Work Navigator in organisational development ensures that the right person is in the right place. Employees who are motivated to do their job. They see their own development opportunities and know how to contribute to the objectives of the organisation individually and together.
Work Navigator can be applied in organisations and teams to focus on the future and achieve the organisational goals, to better utilize the full potential of your employees, to achieve growth in effectiveness and productivity of your employees, to allow teams to work together in a better and goal-oriented way, to create a positive culture and job satisfaction.
On a team level the process of Work Navigator consists of three team meetings and three individual conversations. Each employee determines the direction to retain or regain pleasure and motivation in the work. At the end of this process everyone in the team knows their core values and has defined a SMART goal for the coming year that contributes to the formulated team goals.