Sonja Bleuland van Oordt

I believe everyone has an inner wisdom. A source that we can use to get the best out of ourselves. It needs introspection, guidance and empowerment to find and use it. As the founder of Humanwise AB it´s my mission to enable individual people and organisations to use their inner wisdom and get the best out of themselves. Work Navigator is a structured method that I use to enable persons to find improvement options when it comes to work. Work Navigator can also be applied in teams to develop a better mutual understanding and collaboration, creating more value for organisations.

Before I moved to Sweden in 2017, I have been working for more than 20 years in the Netherlands as a government leader in the fields of health, employability and sustainability. The red thread in my working life is the continuous drive to develop new ways to make more positive impact, on a personal, organisational and societal level.

I oversee the needs of organisations and individuals to facilitate the best possible outcome. Through building up of strong relationships and partnerships, I empower and enable people to be honest and develop themselves. Especially in times of transformation. As a person I am sociable, down to earth and optimistic.